About Trillium Midwifery Services

Welcome to Trillium Midwifery Services!

Welcome to Trillium Midwifery Services! We offer home and birth center births to women with low-risk pregnancies in southwest Wisconsin and northeast Iowa. Home births are offered to women residing within a 40-mile radius from either Prairie du Chien or Boscobel, WI. As clients of Trillium Midwifery Services, you will be privileged to individualized, compassionate maternity care culminating in a birth with two trained midwives with whom you have built a strong, trusting relationship.

We assume that women choosing out-of-hospital birth trust their body’s natural ability to give birth, and hope to go through birth with little intervention. We agree with the World Health Organization who advises women with normal pregnancies should strongly consider midwifery care.

The largest ever study on the safety of out-of-hospital birth looked at roughly 17,000 planned home births in the United States with a trained midwife in attendance. They found:

  • Over 93% of women had a normal physiologic birth
  • A cesarean rate of 5% (compared to >30% nationwide)
  • Only 2.5% of babies were admitted to the NICU in the first six weeks of life
  • 87% of women with prior cesareans had their babies vaginally
  • Of the 10.9% of women who transferred from home to hospital during labor, the majority were for non-emergent reasons such as a slow, non-progressing labor or maternal exhaustion
  • At six weeks postpartum, nearly all the babies were breastfeeding

As certified and licensed midwives, we carry first-line response equipment and treatments similar to those found at level-one hospitals. We use and are trained in IV placement, medications for bleeding, oxygen administration (for mom and/or baby), resuscitation of mom and baby, assessment of baby during pregnancy and labor, and birth emergency skills.

We offer free consultations, and look forward to honestly discussing with you in-depth the risks and benefits of all birthing locations. It is up to each woman and family to choose where she feels most comfortable as she begins her journey through pregnancy and birth.

Trillium Midwifery Services offers affordable and quality pregnancy care,
culminating in natural, peaceful births, and healthy moms and babies.
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