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Our client's tell our story better than we can! Read the snippets below and link to their full stories.

Kristen's Birth Story “Aldo Rae's HomeWater Birth – 2021”

After a grueling 24 hour back labor, Aldo Rae was safely born in the comfort of our own home on July 13th at 6:08pm, weighing in at 6lbs 7oz. Here’s our story.

I always knew I wanted a home water birth; it’s felt right for me ever since I discovered it was an option many years ago. That said, if you’re journeying into pregnancy/birth, I believe it’s so important to do what feels safest for you. If the idea of a home birth brings up any anxiety, I highly recommend not choosing that path. It is so important to choose the path that will make you feel most comfortable and minimizes as much fear/anxiety around the experience as possible. I hope in sharing Aldo’s birth story, women are empowered to know they have options when it comes to their birth and that their birth excites & empowers them, rather than inducing fear. Whether you choose a hospital, birth center or home, at the end of the day, birth is birth and it is all an absolute miracle.

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Kaitie's Birth Story “The Birth of Caroline – 2020”

In March of 2020, the pandemic started, and I was 27 weeks pregnant. With many unknowns, I was told there was a possibility my husband wouldn't be allowed at the delivery of our child. A close friend of mine had delivered her babies with Heather and Alison at Trillium Midwifery and loved her experience. I immediately sent an email to Heather and Alison and they responded right away that they would be willing to meet with me and my husband that same night.

There is something so special and comforting about Heather and Alison. My husband was instantly put at ease after meeting with them. They answered all of our questions. They are knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth, and we left every prenatal visit with them feeling like we made the right decision.

On the morning of June 8th, 2020, I was 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant when I received a text from Alison checking in to make sure I hadn't had any labor signs as she was going to be out of town for the day. By midnight, things were picking up and fast! I called Alison and told her my contractions were 3 minutes apart. We were greeted at the birth center by Heather and Alison around 1:40 a.m.

Our baby was born at 4:10 am. Alison caught her and helped place her on my chest. My husband announced that our baby was a girl! She was born just 2 ½ hours after arriving at the birth center.

I am so grateful for the support I was given by Heather and Alison both during the pregnancy and post-partum. It was my dream birth experience. It will remain in my heart forever.

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Ehlonna's first home birth – 2020

Our baby BOY is here!!!! Born on Wednesday, January 6th at 7:48am. I had him at home just as we had planned and we are both doing great. Grady is so perfect and we are over the moon for this baby boy. Mama's heart is so full!!! 9lbs, 20.5 inches long. Have to give thanks to my amazing husband for all of his support during the almost 4 hours of my pushing phase, I've never felt more loved and empowered! Also want to shout out Trillium Midwifery - Alison and Heather, my midwives for making this pregnancy, labor and delivery a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

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Kelsey's First birth that ended in a transfer and C/S – 2018

I want to start by saying that being a mother has been the most rewarding experience of my life, but I am left grieving a loss I never thought I would.

I was two weeks overdue with baby Kylah and labor was going beautifully at home. I was fully dilated and confident that I could do it. Pushing started and Kylah had turned last minute and wasn't in a good position (posterior.) It had been several hours of pushing with no more progress. Her heart rate started dropping, a sign that she was stressed, and we had the conversation about going to the hospital, as they had tried everything that they could to get her to turn.

After 25 hours of labor, I ended up having an emergency cesarean section. With the help of my husband and midwives, we did everything in our ability to have the natural birth I dreamed of, but we cannot plan everything, especially birth. I believe that it's alright for me to grieve the birth I didn't have as part of the process to accept the one I did.

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Kelsey's Second birth, successful VBAC at home – 2019

My second birth, Karlina, I chose to have another home birth and people thought I was insane, especially after I already had a c-section, but I still trusted my body and wanted to give it a fair chance.

Well...GOD IS GOOD! My labor was three hours and she was born in the comfort of our home on a beautiful winter morning assisted by the most amazing midwife team I could imagine, Heather and Alison of Trillium Midwifery.

Having a home VBAC (aka HBAC) was even more profound and finally getting the birth outcome I had hoped for the first time was so healing to both my husband and me.

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Emily S.'s Birth Story – 2018

My partner and I originally planned to birth our second son at the Prairie du Chien Trillium Midwifery Birthing Center. However, two days before my due date my blood pressure continued to go too high, despite efforts to keep it at a safe level. This resulted in the decision to transfer me to the hospital. It was a hard pill to swallow initially and I shed a lot of tears.

Allison and Heather were along with us at the hospital, and their support and advocacy during this most difficult transition made me feel comforted and hopeful that my birth would resemble more of what I envisioned. Their presence was relaxing and they remained with me for the duration, coaching me and supporting me as well as my partner as we transitioned through the waves of labor and pain. Allison caught my son and we were all able to celebrate his arrival together.

Although it wasn't what I originally planned, I do not feel as though I would have had such a successful hospital birth without them. I am forever grateful for their help not only at my birth but throughout my entire pregnancy.

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Alisa's Review – 2017

Best Birth ever. Thank you, Alison and Heather. You are wonderful!

Emily H.'s Birth Story – 2016

I am delighted to be the first mom to birth at the newly opened birth center in Prairie du Chien. I am a mother of 12. I have had the pleasure of using certified professional midwifery care for 11 of my 12 pregnancies. Typically I birth my babies in the comfort of my own home. My last baby was due at a time when we were remodeling our home. Due to the construction that was going on at my home, I was glad that Trillium Midwifery Services provided an alternative location for me to birth my baby in a home-like setting.

I can't say enough about my midwives' knowledge and training. They helped me to stay healthy during my pregnancy and encouraged my births to be natural and joyous events. I would encourage anyone who is expecting to research the benefits of midwifery care and the option of birthing at home or at a birth center. It is a beautiful way for you and your family to go through pregnancy and welcome your child into this world.

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